Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Message from "Elder Brother"

My time spent in the Tayrona territory was to fulfill the request of the Wiwa leader, Ramon Gil to record the Wiwa language and culture that he fears to be in danger of extinction. Wiwa is one of 60,000 Indigenous languages and cultures in grave danger of extinction worldwide.  

He has a message for "younger brother" (as they refer to Westerners). Western culture has caused the Indigenous world great loss, suffering—extinction.  This message addresses one of the most crucial issues of our time—the War on Drugs. 

A strong political will is finally being created by a broad spectrum of organizations who are defending the rights of our citizens and law enforcement—who are standing for an end to the ruthless drug cartels responsible for untold suffering worldwide—who are defending the incarcerated—our personal freedoms—Mother Earth.

Your support and alignment with the organizations listed at the end of this video may create the tipping point for this important policy change to end this very costly, and seemingly endless war that serves only to spread the disease of violence and subsidize the US prison and military industrial contractors.